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Ear Piercing


Why choose Weston Beauty Clinic to get your Ears pierced? Johanna our ear piercing technician is Caflon trained and qualified.


Ear piercing can add beauty concepts to a persons profile. We are able to offer ear piercings for plain studs or gem stone studs.

Unique and Beautiful

Ear piercings are the perfect way to switch up your look without investing in the permanency of a tattoo.

Whether you prefer dainty studs or statement jewels, adding an earring to your regular beauty look can make all the difference.


£35 inc aftercare solution 

Who Are CAFLON? And why choose Caflon Qualified Ear Piercings

Weston Beauty Clinic are able to provide Ear piercing services through qualified staff members.

Legendary British Engineering – Caflon

The British are known for their design and engineering excellence. Some of the finest products in the automotive, medical, and manufacturing world come from the United Kingdom. At Caflon, our British heritage is reflected in the superior quality of every ear piercing component we make. From our precision instruments and piercing studs, to our after piercing care, Caflon utilizes advanced eco-friendly manufacturing technology to create the safest ear piercing systems at the lowest prices.

Their Promise to You

As an International Company operating in the business of Ear Piercing our reputation for high standards is crucial to our business success.

We continually strive to provide the best service and quality products, at affordable prices, to our customers.

Assuring you of our best attention.