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Excessive sweating is a surprisingly common problem. However, although many people do suffer from some degree of embarrassing sweating, it is nonetheless a taboo subject and can have a serious impact on the sufferer’s daily life.

Sweating itself is a normal bodily function, intended to keep the body temperature steady. That’s why sweat levels increase in hot weather, during exercise or when we are ill.

However, patients suffering from excessive sweating sweat more than normal, even on cool days or when they are relatively inactive.


This is the most common form of excessive sweating and is characterised by a localised “problem area”, usually the underarms, hands, feet or forehead/face/scalp. The patient will sweat normally on the rest of the body, but find that sweating is abnormally high in the affected area.

The condition can be made worse by stress, spicy food and heat; but there doesn’t have to be any particular trigger.


Using a good anti-perspirant (that represses sweating as well as masks any odours) is a starting point in treatment.

However, most hyperhidrosis patients have tried a range of products and found that while they do make a difference, they are insufficient to stop the embarrassing wet-patches.

Aluminium chloride anti-perspirants which can applied at night, but skin reactions and rashes are quite common.

Loose clothing is advisable and it is best to choose natural fibres such as cotton, which are cooler to wear than synthetic fibres such as polyester.


One of the best treatments for excessive sweating in the underarm area is Botox Injections.

This treatment must be carried out by our skilled and experienced team at Weston Beauty Clinic..

A number of small injections are administered into the affected area. The botullinum toxin stops the nerves that control the sweat glands from working and sweat dries up very quickly, providing months of relief. Treatment is generally repeated after 4-12 months to maintain the benefit.

This treatment has become more well known in recent years as it has been featured on TV programmes such as Embarrassing Bodies. It is also favoured by celebrities, who use underarm botox to avoid embarrassing red-carpet sweating.