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Visible Veins


Thread veins, also known as spider veins, are very small veins that are visible beneath the skin. They can appear as red veins, or may have a bluish tint.
They are generally harmless and pose no danger or medical concern. Facial veins are quite common, so if you suffer you are not alone.

However, they can be very unsightly, especially when they appear on the face. Visible veins on the nose are relatively common or on the cheeks.

Thread veins are typical on the nose and cheeks. Usually one appears as a red dot, but can sometimes cause redness to the surrounding skin, leaving you with rosy, flushed cheeks. As you age there becomes less collagen in your skin, leaving the skin thinner and veins appearing more visible. Hormonal changes, sun-damage, rosacea, alcohol and smoking can all also accentuate the appearance of thread veins, meaning typically our clients are in their 40s, 50s and 60s.

At Weston Beauty Clinic we offer the most advanced technology and treatments on the market to target thread veins, without the need for invasive surgery. We pride ourselves on achieving a no-trace face, and offer a free consultation with a medical practitioner, a highly personalised plan and post-treatment review.


Thread veins or spider veins are very common. Most people will have some, although they may not be very obvious. When there are a lot of thread veins and/or they appear on the face, it is more noticeable.

There could be a number of reasons behind getting thread veins. These may include:
Inherited – if your parents/grandparents had thread veins, you are more likely to suffer.
Hormonal factors – they can appear in pregnancy. Usually they will disappear again, but women with multiple pregnancies are more prone than those who have never had children.
Menopause or other hormonal changes.
Varicose veins.
Exposure to sunlight – excessive sunbathing or an outdoor lifestyle can exacerbate thread veins. People who work outside may have ruddier complexions with broken veins. Sunblock with a minimum SPF30 year round will help.
Trauma – thread veins can be triggered by injuries, cuts, wounds, scars or burns.
Radiotherapy or radiation exposure.


To choose the best plan for you for noticeable results, we highly recommend you attend a free, no obligation consultation. During your free consultation your medical practitioner might discuss:


In conjunction with leading chemists in Europe and the US, our research and development team has formulated proven, patented products to be topically applied to the skin to alleviate the redness caused by thread veins. We can also guide on other products in the market to help lessen their appearance.


The most effective proven treatment for thread veins is Laser Therapy, which breaks down unwanted veins using brief pulses of laser light. The laser targets only the unwanted veins, leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. You may experience some bruising or swelling after treatment, but this should subside within 72 hours.

Weston Beauty Clinic offer this treatment on most areas of the face, neck and legs. Our clients often see a visible reduction in unwanted veins by as much as 75 per cent with one to three treatments and the results are permanent.